Two developers with the passion
for programming and teaching web technologies…

Matteo Ronchi


Matteo Ronchi work as front-end engineer and web architect since 2003. Before starting to code full-time has worked as 3D modeler and video editor. Matteo loves to experiment new technologies and learning new ways to do things.

React, AngularJS,
NodeJS, ES2015, Gulp/Grunt/WebPack

Architectures, Unit Test, Functional Programming


Fabio Biondi


Fabio Biondi is an Adobe Certified Instructor with 10+ years of experience in wireframing, prototyping and developing user interfaces, components, custom charts and interactive infographics in enterprise web and mobile applications.

React, AngularJS,
CreateJS, D3.js, ES2015

Wireframe, prototype and develop components and user interfaces