Advanced AngularJS: tecniche avanzate per padroneggiare il framework

In this webinar (italian only) I and Matteo Ronchi talk about AngularJS custom directives, promises, factory/services/provider and much more.


  • custom directives: scope isolation
  • custom directives: element and DOM manipulation
  • custom directives: link function
  • custom directives: jQueryUI and TweenMax integration
  • custom directives: handle “external” events and $applyAsync
  • custom directives: HTML5 Canvas integration
  • custom directives: how to use the ‘replace’ property
  • AngularJS architectures
  • How to use AngularJS modules
  • Promises and callbacks
  • Factory, Services, Providers
  • Decorators

Fabio Biondi

I am an italian developer with over 10+ years of experience in developing custom user interfaces and interactive applications for any screen and device using the latest web technologies - HTML5, SVG, Canvas, ES2015, CSS3 - the latest libraries - React, AngularJS, D3.js, CreateJS - and many other tools - Gulp, WebPack, LESS/SASS but also Sketch, Balsamiq, PS and AI.