Le novità introdotte in AngularJS 1.3

The following presentation has been created by me and Matteo for a CodeMotion’s webinar (italian only).


  • one-time binding
  • ngModelOptions
  • bindToController
  • new custom validators
  • new custom filters
  • form e ngMessage
  • $applySync
  • es6 promises
  • debugInfoEnabled

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Fabio Biondi

I am an italian developer with over 10+ years of experience in developing custom user interfaces and interactive applications for any screen and device using the latest web technologies - HTML5, SVG, Canvas, ES2015, CSS3 - the latest libraries - React, AngularJS, D3.js, CreateJS - and many other tools - Gulp, WebPack, LESS/SASS but also Sketch, Balsamiq, PS and AI.