MAP JSON Generator – Preview (built in React)

As web developer I daily work with the JSON format and I often need to mock data.
There are a lot of nice JSON generators (I love JSON Generator) but I have not found something useful in order to generate a list of real coordinates.

So I have created my own MAP JSON Generator to cover all my needs (using React and Google Map Javascript API):

Start reading the Map JSON generator Documentation.


  • Draw markers and get their coordinates
  • Draw a list of marker (polylines) and get an array of coordinates
  • Draw an area of coordinates (circles, rectangles and polygons)
  • and of course some utilities like: clean map, get center, go to LatLng and many others

Although it’s just an alpha version you can already use the Map JSON Generator tool. Read the Map JSON Generator tool documentation to get more info about the features.

Fabio Biondi

I am an italian developer with over 10+ years of experience in developing custom user interfaces and interactive applications for any screen and device using the latest web technologies - HTML5, SVG, Canvas, ES2015, CSS3 - the latest libraries - React, AngularJS, D3.js, CreateJS - and many other tools - Gulp, WebPack, LESS/SASS but also Sketch, Balsamiq, PS and AI.

  • Marco Bonci

    Grande Fabio!!! Utilissimo! Stamattina l’ho provato! ed è veramente fatto bene e ben commentato! Grande!!! Aspetto altri articoli interessanti

  • Radoslav Radivojevic

    Hi Fabio. Do you have source code anywhere? I would like to recreate this in Angular 2.